Philip Foster Farm Family Portrait

December 20, 2009

The Philip Foster Farm is located in Eagle Creek, OR and is a National Historic Site which was developed in 1847.  This was a perfect country setting for our photo shoot.  Even though it was the dead of winter, we escaped the rain once again.  This family was a blast to shoot!  We decided to walk the grounds and tour the farms old buildings and covered wagons that were displayed throughout the property.

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Edgefield McMenamins Family Portrait

December 5, 2009

We decided to make this photo shoot more of a journey than a posed session.  Chris and Tracie were troopers trying to follow and round-up 2 1/2 year old Gus.  We played on the porch which lead to the wonderful McMenamin’s restaurant, then ventured out into the picnic area where we found sticks and cool trails.  We’d wondered onto a golfing green where we decided that maybe we’ve gone too far off the grounds.  As we headed back towards the backside of the restaurant, we all passed by a big water puddle that looked so inviting!  Wrapping up the photo shoot with some family portraits just past the puddle, Gus felt the need to end on a good note.  Wheeee, as he jumped and splashed and drug his stick through the water!

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Morgan Family Portrait

December 2, 2009

We decided to do this family photo shoot at the Morgan’s house in Estacada, OR.   The best shots, of course, were outside and we only had a small window of opportunity to make it happen this day.  It was very cold, but thankfully no rain.  We got lucky with the first few photos and captured the whole family, including the dog.  Seth, almost 3 years old, was on the go so we took shots where we could.  Almost 5 month old, Drew, was having a hard time staying warm, so we wrapped up our last outside shots on the big yellow tractor in the backyard.  They were so adorable!

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